when you want your message to cross borders we will find the qualified native speaker suited to your purpose 

Françoise Pinteaux-Jones is a bilingual member of the Institute of Linguists. She offers the requisite guarantees of professionalism and enjoys the support of a strong network which enables her to ensure that any work you submit can be dealt with by an adequately qualified person offering the specialist knowledge required.
Translation deals with written documents. You may need them translated into your own language (contracts, handbooks) or you may wish to communicate information in the language of a foreign partner or client. Either way, a native speaker of the language into which the document is to be translated will be found to convey the information accurately
Interpreting happens when you speak to people who do not understand your language or you theirs: a third person who speaks both languages joins you and says what was said in one language in the other and vice-versa. You may need an interpreter if you entertain foreign visitors or on a business trip abroad

Tuition will in due course enable you to communicate yourself in the foreign language (s) of your choice. It can be dispensed individually or to several persons with a comparable knowledge of the language
Cultural Briefing prepares you for an important visit or a stay abroad in a professional capacity. It will help you with issues of social and professional etiquette and alert you to issues relevant to your new environment. It warns you of pitfalls and equips you to make the best of your stay.
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